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About the Book

An Enlightening Adventure That Reveals The Power of Trusting Faith — Not Fear.

“My heart quickened, senses suddenly alert. Through the fading light a pair of dark, sandaled feet approached beneath a flapping Bedouin robe. I scrambled up. Should I run out, or try to hide?”

Kristina Hurrell has always sought adventure. Growing up near Windsor in England, she used her fast-paced Dior modeling career as an escape to explore Global cultures. In CAPTIVATED, she describes her adventure of a lifetime, which begins when a dashing Bedouin Sheikh invites her to photograph his tribe as they journey deep into the harsh and desolate Sahara Desert. Soon, her daring exploration of Bedouin anthropology—the mesmerizing desert landscape, the nomadic culture and soul—shifts to traumatic encounters of adversity and danger. Kristina resolves to attempt a harrowing escape on her camel and prays for God’s voice in the wilderness. Throughout the desert sojourn, God’s guiding hand infuses Kristina with courage and tenacity to endure and transcend the grueling challenges.

About Kristina Hurrell

Throughout her life as an intrepid world traveler, Kristina Hurrell has been exploring the globe on a quest to discover extraordinary scenic destinations and ancient cultures that offer both adventure and renewal. Her traveling SpaFari has been featured in numerous magazines, health and travel shows. She has inspired college students, celebrities, corporate executives, groups and individuals to “Say, ‘Yes’ to their Precious Life — by Climbing to Greater Heights” in all areas of Wholeness: Faith and Fitness, Health, Wellness, and Empowered Living.

A kaleidoscopic literary journey that moves the mind, heart, and spirit.

Peter GuberFilm Producer, Sports Executive, Entrepreneur

“As an avid traveler, I love this well written evocative book, which describes in revealing detail the experiences Kristina encountered throughout her epic journey in the Sahara Desert.”

Daniel RitchieChancellor Emeritus of the University of Denver

“Kristina’s life serves as amazing inspiration. Her infectious enthusiasm, limitless reservoir of empathy, and eternal kindness motivates countless people. CAPTIVATED is the story of Kristina’s remarkable journey of endurance, faith, and hope.”

Marc HoltzmanFormer Vice Chairman of Barclays

“I was captivated from start to end. Brilliantly written, it reads like an epic adventure novel that traverses Kristina's glamorous life as a supermodel and how her faith saved her curious and adventurous spirit in the Sahara Desert.”

Colin CowieColin Cowie Lifestyle

Delightful! From the glamour of Hollywood to the deserts of Africa, Kristina’s journey of adventure and deepening faith will encourage all readers.

Dan BoscoMinister and Actor

“Kristina Hurrell lived an exciting life as a world-renowned model. But a fateful trip to the Sahara Desert turned into an unwanted adventure that would have been a disaster had she not called upon her faith to get her through. In her beautifully written book, we witness her bravery and strength as she takes readers on a compelling journey of faith and hope. I give her so much credit for stepping forward to tell her very personal, inner journey. Her story is inspiring to people of all backgrounds.”

Lexie Brockway PotamkinAuthor of “Know Yourself” and Former Miss World USA

“In her first book, Kristina Hurrell recreates her youthful odyssey through the Sahara Desert, taking the reader on a journey that’s both dangerous and rewarding. Her account is one of uncommon bravery and determination with vivid descriptions of Bedouin life and her faith interwoven throughout, with just enough romance to add a bit of sizzle to the story. CAPTIVATED is a harrowing adventure that brings to light how Hurrell’s faith, perseverance, and willpower guided her through one of the most perilous journeys of her life and formed a faith that continues to guide her.”

Myrna R. Fleishman, Ph.D.Psychologist

“CAPTIVATED is a breathtaking, true tale of a bold young woman’s solo foray into the vast and unforgiving Sahara Desert. Hurrell uses her pen like an artist masters a paintbrush—with nuance, coloration, and passion. Her descriptive images trigger such strong sensual reaction you will feel like you are in her skin. With God’s leading, relentless in her quest, the author conquers the unimaginable. Ultimately her experience is a powerful testimony to God’s grace. Miracles do happen. You will be captivated, encouraged, and inspired.”

Susan MauntelFormer TV Broadcaster

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